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Erina White

Clinical Social Work/Therapist


Hi, I'm Erina. My mission has always been to leave a positive footprint on the world. By helping people understand and work through their emotions, I hope to create greater peace between humanity and our environment. 

Mental health is the leading cause of global disability. We know millions of people are suffering, yet solutions for improving behavioral health have not evolved nearly as quickly as those for other major medical problems. Innovative treatments are few and far between, and the stigma surrounding mental illness limits access and care. I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to developing and testing evidenced-based mental health treatment modalities.  I am particularly passionate about reducing barriers to treatment and combating the stigma which prevents people from receiving the treatment they deserve.

From a very young age, my friends and family called me “the quizzler” because I was always very curious about people and asked a lot of personal questions. As I grew older, I learned that I didn’t just want to learn about people—I also wanted to help them. Over the years, this interest pushed me towards a variety of different professions and endeavors. In 2004, I received my Master’s in Social Work from Smith College. In 2011, I completed my Master’s in Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Finally, in 2015, I received a PhD in social work from Simmons University.

In my Newburyport private practice, I use a goal-oriented approach, drawing on several evidenced-based methods and collaborating directly with clients to outline objectives and individualized therapeutic plans. I enjoy working as a team with clients to help them navigate the emotions and concerns that come with difficult life situations such as relationship issues, transitions, and more. I aspire to create a respectful, collaborative, and supportive environment to foster self-awareness and growth.  


Years in Practice: 15+ Years

Schools: MPH, Harvard School of Public Health 

PhD, Simmons School of Social Work, 

MSW, Smith School for Social Work

Faculty Appointments: Boston Children's Hospital

Harvard Medical School

University of New Hampshire

License and State: 113926 Massachusetts

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