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Individual Sessions

With over 20 years of experience working with children and families, I combine evidenced-based therapeutic solutions with a public health approach. I also strive to utilize innovative and creative technology strategies in my practice. I work with children, adults, families, and couples who are struggling with career problems, relationship issues, life transitions, fears, and personal challenges that are preventing them from enjoying a full and happy life.  

I develop a plan with clients. Some have a very specific, concrete problem that they would like to work through in a few short months. Others, however, have more deep-seated issues that require a longer, more intensive approach.

I focus on adolescent therapy, individual adult therapy, and therapy for business executives, among many others.


Families and Couples

Therapy Sessions


Using compassion and empathy, I elevate human connection in group settings (societies) and help people relate to each other in healthier and more loving ways.​.


I offer family therapy.  I am well grounded in this practice and have conducted several clinical trials utilizing family interventions. It is not uncommon for families to go through bumps in the road as children grow and life challenges emerge. Having an external moderator isolate the root causes and triggers and establish a common ground can help add peace to your family. This is one of my favorite modes of therapy because change can happen quickly when people work together. 

I also offer couples therapy for those who are looking to strengthen a romantic relationship. Sometimes just a few short sessions can help get a relationship back on track. In other instances, I work with couples for several months to iron out more complex issues, or to determine how to navigate children and external issues. 


Sessions are 55 min and $225  All of my fees are private pay. You may contact your insurance company directly to find out whether or not they will reimburse for our sessions. 

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